Amsterdam – P&O Mini Cruise

I’ve always been interested in trying new things and visiting new cities so when P&O had an offer on their mini cruise breaks, I thought why not! Costing just £102 for a twin cabin from Hull to Amsterdam, it was only £51 to explore a new city and have a weekend away.


Our weekend started at 12:00 with a train journey to Hull, in order to catch the ferry. Once at Hull Interchange, there was a bus to take us right to the ferry terminal, which was helpful as it is in the middle of nowhere. The check in process was very much like an airport, although admittedly alot quicker! Everyone had to have their bags searched thoroughly due to not being able to take your own alcohol on board. The bag searched seemed to take longer than normal due to my boyfriend fastening his bag with every single toggle on it, and the security guard not knowing how to undo them!

Once on board, we were able to go to our cabin and leave our bags. The cabins are very basic and rather on the small side, but with so much to do on-board we were hardly in ours, it’s just a place to sleep. The cabin consisted of bunk beds which pulled down from the wall, a desk with a mirror and stool and a bathroom.


The onboard entertainment was good with live shows, a cinema and a casino. We chose to eat a meal in the onboard restaurant which was very nice, alot better than expected. There was also a Starbucks which was open all of the time to grab a drink or snack etc. I would also recommend standing outside on the ship as the view is absolutely stunning – we also got a lovely view of the sunrise on our trip home, by sitting in the lounge on the top deck.


Amsterdam was lovely to walk round and take in all of the sights, I liked all of the bridges and little houses. Although, I am abit disappointed to now learn that there is a Love Bridge there that you can put padlocks on, which I didn’t know when we went! As we went in November, the city was very Christmas-y  and had some stunning decorations, including a huge Christmas tree in one of the shopping center, which was nearly 3 floors high – just what you need to get in the festive spirit.


The P&O mini cruise was great for a mini break, as you don’t actually feel like you’re travelling for ages, as you’re not cooped up in a coach/car. I would definitely recommend one, especially on their 2 for 1 deals.


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