‘Pictures We Make’ @ Wakefield Theatre Royal

Pictures We Make is a dance show by Company Chameleon which explores the emotions that people experience within relationships.

The show was split into two performances which were separated by an interval. The first performance, Eden, captured the attention of the audience by beginning in complete darkness and dancers only being visible by candlelight. Two male dancers then mirrored each other’s dance moves whilst also having their own individual dance moves, this led me to believe that they were both portraying the same person but different emotions. The strong eye contact maintained with audience, paired with the eerie music made the piece quite dark as though the dancers were possessed. The male dancers were joined on stage by two ‘identical’ females and the two couples mirrored each other, showing two different sides of the same relationship. In my opinion, the only thing that detracted from the overall mood of ‘Eden’ was that during some of the delicate dance moves, the female dancer’s underwear could be seen. However, due to the nature of the costumes and dance moves, I don’t think this could have been avoided although it did sometimes avert the attention away from the strong raw emotions that were otherwise portrayed throughout.

After the interval, the second dance titled ‘Pictures We Make’ was staged. The emotions in this piece were not as tender as in ‘Eden’, with more brutal and threatening emotions portrayed. Whilst watching, I got the feeling that they were trying to display the darker side of relationships and possibly the abuse that some people suffer within them. Upon further thought, I decided that although physical violence was what the audience was presented with, it may have been used as a symbol to represent the emotional strain that can be experienced during some relationships. The advertisement for ‘Pictures We Make’ poses the question: how do we navigate from our experience and our expectations? This question is extended throughout the whole performance as it could be interpreted that one couple is symbolizing the ‘expectations’ and the other is representing reality.

As an active lover of plays and books, it is hard to not look for a storyline and to just allow yourself to experience emotions that are being displayed. ‘The Pictures We Make’ made dance performances accessible to a wide range of audiences, from dance show lovers to those who have never chosen to see a dance show before. The music and dance fitted together perfectly with the intense feelings that were portrayed, and the performers had stamina as their last dance move was just as strong as the first one. A very creative interpretation of how different people perceive the different relationships within their life.


  • Ryan Fitton

    Just read this post. Beautifully written, really makes me want to watch the performance now.

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