The Lion King @ Manchester Palace Theatre

Last Month I visited the Palace Theatre in Manchester to see the Lion King on stage. The whole weekend was so enjoyable and definitely worth the wait since I received the tickets in January and was counting down the days until it was time to go see it!

The costumes and staging was mind blowing. The thing I like about stage productions is that you can see how much effort all of the actors put in, I think it’s easy to forget that when watching a film or tv programme. Also when watching something at the theatre you are constantly reminded that it isn’t real and this makes it easier to totally imerse yourself in this whole new world instead of falling into the ‘that’s so unrealistic’ trap that you do with film or tv. You know the story isn’t real and it doesn’t matter because it’s still spectacular!


This is a picture of the stage before the production started, we were sat on the upper tier and considering how high up we were, the view was incredible! This is a poor picture as I was trying to take it quickly before it started. They even had a lion king themed stage curtain! To quote the people who decided to give their own running commentary throughout the whole performance, ‘it was amaaaaazing!’. The use of props and costumes within the show was really creative and some of the ways the animals were presented were so imaginative and different. The cast also made use of the whole theatre with animals running through the audience and drummers in the private boxes. With some boxes having actors in even when members of the audience were sitting in them!


After the performance, we went to look at the merchandise stands which were surprisingly cheap compared to other shows that I’ve been to. I decided to buy this Lion King keyring so that I could have something that I’d actually use and have with me all the time to remind me of the amazing time that I had. I was going to buy a bag but I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it. However, I have just discovered that you can buy the merchandise online and the Lion King charm bracelet looks really nice.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend that you go see the Lion King on stage if you ever get the chance as it’s much better than you can ever expect. I’d also like to thank the greatest best friends ever for buying me the tickets for my birthday!


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